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Best Paella in Perth and Pizza Catering Perth

Apart from the paellas, we also offer the best pizza catering Perth. Our mobile pizza catering Perth service is known to be quite budget friendly as well as unique. Be it outdoor weddings or other corporate events, we have got it all covered!

Whether your event is for adults or children, our scrumptious food will feed everyone and satisfy everyone’s hunger pangs. We guarantee you that our pizza and paella catering will excite your taste buds. After having a taste once, you and your guests will definitely consider us again for all the next events.        

Our pizzas are always prepared on wood fire. This adds a distinct taste to them. No matter if you require a pizza prepared with unique toppings or a gluten free mean, we will take care of all your needs and make sure that we facilitate you in every possible way. We have a wide range of options for all kinds of customers. Whether you are a meat lover or a strict vegetarian, we will not disappoint you.                   

Our delicious paellas and mobile pizza catering Perth sessions are quite interactive. We would love if any of you or your guests wishes to sit our chefs and have a little chit chat while their meals are being prepared. Our chefs have years of experience and lots of stories to share. We will ensure that everyone has a joyous time and that everyone leaves cherishable memories.

Imagine hanging out with your friends or colleagues in your backyard decorated by fairy lights. Imagine a live weather, a lively wind blowing into your hair as they fly and a live cooking session nearby. Sounds beautiful, does it not? We could make that possible for you! That too, in very reasonable prices! Our charges may be reasonable but we never make a compromise on our professionalism or quality so you have absolutely nothing to worry about!

Most of all, with Paella on the Move, you absolutely do not need to worry about signing multiple secure contracts. Our team will make sure that you are done dealing with vendors in a single go and in a hassle-free manner. We will whole-heartedly cater all Perth Paella parties. After all, paella party catering and pizza catering Perth is what our team absolutely loves to do!

We are just a call away! If you have any questions regarding bookings, availability, our meals or our charges, you may reach out to us right away! You may contact us here at 0412 018 341.

Here is how our best paella in Perth and Pizza catering Perth works:

  • When confirming an order and setting a custom price for you, you will first have to tell us the number of people who will be attending your event along with the number of types of paella or pizza you want to get cooked on spot.


We have the following types/ flavors of paella available for live cooking:


  • Pork bone, Chicken & Chorizo Paella

  • Seafood Paella

  • Kale & Mushrooms Vegan Paella


These are our normal flavors but upon request, our expert chefs can cook paellas with other flavors as well.

All our paellas are GLUTEN FREE.


  • Note that our prices also include biodegradable paper trays, wooden forks, and napkins to make the entire serving process easier.


  • We charge a $100 booking deposit. The booking is flexible and you can adjust the attendance and serving time up to a few days before the event.


  • In order to carry out our operations efficiently and enhance the live cooking experience for your guests, we would require an access to the event venue at least 1.5 to 2 hours before the serving time begins. As understood, we require time to set up our cooking equipment and food trucks before we start cooking.


  • During the event, we will be scooping out the dishes once the paella or pizzas are ready. The guests can try all the flavors that they like. They can have a large portion or have a small one and yes, they are always welcome to come back for more! In fact, that would be a moment of honor for us. The guests can ask questions while we are cooking, and have a chat with us, it is all very casual relaxed.


  • Our total service normally last for a maximum 4 hours when we are catering both pizzas and paellas. If it is only paellas, our service usually lasts for about 3 hours.


  • Currently, we have two paella food trailers available for catering. If you wish to know more about having one of them at your event, check out the FAQ page of our website.


  • We will be serving the meals for a maximum of 1 hour once it is ready. We do not provide food that is not fresh. Our paellas and pizzas have to be served immediately after being cooked. In case of paella, if we have to warm it up too many times, the rice will ultimately loose consistence. We do not want to spoil any left overs. No wonder our is known to be the best in town.


  • Our pizzas are cooked fresh on our wood fire pizza oven. We use fresh dough and prepare each pizza on the spot, one after another. We offer a wide range of gourmet toppings, depending on the customers’ demands. No wonder our mobile catering services are known to be the best in town.


During our renowned “Pizza Buffet,” we serve our delicious pizzas sliced on a beautifully crafted wooden board. The guests can come grab a slice of a pizza or even a whole pizza itself, whatever they like! The guests can also request for custom made pizzas with any desired toppings from the ones that we have available with us. We promise a relaxed, comfortable, and lively environment for our customers and their guests.


  • Our serving sizes are quiet generous and more than 90% of the times, we end up with some left overs. We also offer packing facilities. If you wish, we could prepare take away packages for you or guests.


We recommend all our clients (specially our wedding catering clients) to have a look at our website’s FAQ page. There you will find all the specifications about our service timings, inclusions & extra fees.

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