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Event, Wedding Catering Perth, and more!

Event, Wedding Catering Perth, and more!


Be it a corporate event or wedding catering Perth, we specialize in all kinds of Perth food truck catering services. Food trucks are quite a trend these days. Although the idea of operating a mobile food business originated in America, it has spread all across the world in a very short span of time. From flavored ice-creams to fast food and from fancy meals to casual gourmet stuff, food trucks are used to sell a huge variety of food items.


Initially, the concept of food trucks began during the 1960s in New York City. It came to life when street vendors began selling food on push carts. Later in the 1950s, dining carts were introduced to feed passengers in cross-country trains.  After a few years, the chuckwagon was invented mainly to feed cattlemen and yes, that’s how the culture of food trucks began to expand! Overtime, food trucks have gained acceptance from a larger population thankfully.

In fact now, food trucks also have an association of their own called the National Food Truck Association. It was created during 2014. Over time, food trucks have developed trackable mobility as well. They can keep changing their locations all around the city and side by side also update their potential customers regularly. Thanks to the power of social media as well as technology.


As mentioned earlier, the culture of food trucks is celebrated not just in US but all over the world. Belgium also has a similar food truck association. Each year, the Brussels Food Truck Festival is held in Belgium during the month of May. It is known to be the largest food truck festival all across Europe, which is attended my thousands of locals as well as tourists.


It is believed that food trucks prove to be quite essential for budding entrepreneurs since they let them test their food quality, brand, and operations all across a city. In this way, they are also allowed to choose optimum locations for their project, which otherwise would have been unavailable. This helps them learn and grown as a successful business. They are a smaller, yet efficient and smart way for financial investment. Today, such mobile restaurants and eateries are operating all across the globe. From Mexican tacos to Korean BBQ and from grilled cheese burgers to cinnamon pancakes, these food trucks are used for various scrumptious meals. To sum it up, it could be said that food trucks are definitely here to stay.

Our Services


A latest trend includes having food trucks on weddings or other events. It gives a classy look to an event and never fails to impress the guests. The trend has been continuously growing, especially within Perth.


If you are looking for food truck catering Perth, especially wedding catering Perth, you need not to search any further! Each food truck wedding Perth that we arrange is remembered by each and every guest in good words. Our wedding food trucks Perth add a lively touch to the wedding ceremony and let everyone enjoy scrumptious food with ease. Not just wedding catering Perth, but we also specialize in food truck catering Perth for other types of personal or corporate events.

Currently, we happen to be the only food company within Perth that offers food truck services for cooking paella. You might think that something that is cooked inside a truck can’t be as delicious as something cooked in a professional kitchen. However, that is not true in case of our food trucks and paella. Not only do our meals taste amazing but they also appear to be better.


We have two small food trailers. One of them, which is actually much smaller than the other, is more suited for private caterings. It can be moved to all the places where a larger food truck is unable to reach. Customers can feel free to request the trailer that they like.

Our food trucks, which are designed by professional engineers, are quite “ductile.” We can expand them, depending on how many meals we have to cook at once.


Guests can come to the booth and grab a small piece of our paella and pizza or else they can even take out a whole dish. People can also come back later for more food later. We are okay with whatever you and your guests prefer. In fact, we would be honored if someone likes our taste enough to come back to us. Not only this, but people can also request for custom flavors. As far as we have the required ingredients, we will definitely fulfill your kind request.

The best part is that our food truck catering Perth services are quite interactive. Our expert chefs love to talk while they are cooking. If you or any of your guests feel like taking a break and sitting down, our booth is always available! Anyone who is up for a lively chat is always welcome to our food truck!


We believe in serving our customers with the best food items that do not compromise on anyone’s health. Our food trucks are licensed and are regularly inspected for cleanliness as well as hygiene. Our trucks always pass the test with flying colors! J

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