FAQ about our service

COVID-19 policy: In these unprecedented times we do our best to offer our service in a safe and hygienic manner monitoring our heath prior the event, using hand sanitiser and wearing gloves throughout the service. We will cater as long as it is allowed by health authorities. In case of a cancellation caused by new restrictions, we won't refund the $110 admin fee/deposit however it can be used towards a new booking in a suitable future date. We also don't accept the final payment until a few days before the catering day.


Which types of paellas do we cook?

We cook 3 types of paella: Chicken and chorizo paella; seafood paella and kale & mushrooms vegan paella.

All our paellas are GLUTEN FREE.


How many types of paella are included in the service?

That depends from how many people we have to cater for, here below is the guide:
20 to 40 people: 1 type/flavour/pan cooked (E.g. one chicken chorizo paella)
50 to 90 people: 2 type/flavour/pan cooked (E.g. one chicken chorizo paella & one seafood paella)
100 people or more: 3 type/flavour/pan cooked (E.g. one chicken chorizo paella & one seafood paella & one vegan)
Extra paella flavours can be cooked for any amount and will be charged an extra $100. E.g. Having 2 paella flavours (which means having 2 paellas cooked) for 20 people rather than just 1 costs an extra $100.

For catering outside Perth metro area for logistical reasons we might be able to offer only two types of paella


How long does the service last?

The service last maximum 3 hours (service time includes setup & pack up). Extra hours are charged $150 per hour for paella only and $300 for pizza and paella.
We need to access the area about 1.5 to 2 hours before serving time.
We will be serving the paella for maximum 1 hour once it is ready; after that if there are any left overs, we will make some take away containers for you to keep. One hour it  is usually plenty of time to feed everyone even large crowds.

The paella must be served once ready, if we have to warm the paella up too many times the rice looses its consistence and we might the food.

After serving time finishes we start packing. Wedding clients in particular are recommended to plan speeches and other celebrations away or after from the serving time (as it probably delay the serving) and packing time (as we might make a bit of noise while packing).

Pizzas and Paellas must be served at the same time.


How is the paella served?

The paella is served using biodegradable paper trays, wooden forks and napkins. The customer or the venue must provide rubbish bins to dispose of the used packaging. We do not provide rubbish bins nor take any rubbish back with us.


How big are the serves?

Our serving are quiet generous and 90% of the times we end up with some left overs take away for you to keep. We might charge extra to provide more crockery than the amount of people we are catering for.


What do we do with the left overs?

We will be serving the paella for maximum 1 hour once it is ready; after that if there are any left overs, we will make some take away containers for you to keep. The paella has to be served when ready, if we have to warm the paella up too many times the rice looses its consistence and we might spoil any left overs.


Can we try your food?

This year we are not doing any markets as we have been flooded with bookings for private events and we have no time for anything else. 

Saying that, we have some genuine reviews on google map that you can have a look at (Search "Paella on the Move" on Google map) at this stage you probably just have to trust our past customers, most of which are referrals from other customers anyways.


Do we use the food truck for private events?

Yes we do. Depending on availability, our food truck can be booked for catering over 40 people for a $500+GST fee.
We currently have two food trailers available. Our food truck might not be available for catering in rural areas.

We do 99% of our catering with the normal tripod setup which is better suited to access all locations, you can see how it looks like on our photos webpage.


Do you charge travel fee?

We don't charge travel fee in Perth metro area; however we do charge a fee for travel in country areas or places more than 45 minutes drive from Fremantle. The fee to travel to up to Margaret River is $1100, up to Busselton $1000, up to Bunbury $600 and up to Mandurah $150 for just paella and $300 for pizza and paella combo. We can travel to other areas, just contact us for a specific price.

Our food truck is not be available for catering in rural areas. Based on the catering size and availability we might charge a travel fee of $150+ for catering in Perth hills areas passed Kalamunda.
We might not be able to cater in rural locations for smaller catering, in peak season or for just paella.


Which types of pizzas do you cook?

Here is an example of some of the pizza toppings that we use: Bresaola, prawns, bocconcini, pineapple, rocket, chicken, roasted potatoes, feta, ham, gorgonzola, eggplants, olive, smoked chorizo and capsicum Ingredients might change depending from season and stock availability). Using this toppings we make our gourmet pizza combinations. We do not offer GF pizza bases or vegan cheese but we are happy to cook them if you provide them.


How do you serve and cook the pizzas?

The pizzas are cooked fresh on our wood fire pizza oven, we use fresh dough and we stir each pizza on the spot, one after the other with different gourmet toppings.
We do a “Pizza Buffet” serving the pizzas sliced on a wooden board, the guests usually come to grab slices of pizzas or a whole pizza if they like; they can also ask for a specific pizza they like using the toppings that we have. It is all very interactive and relaxed.


Do you do other types of food?

No. We only offer paella, or pizza and paella combo.


What do we need in terms of space and location?

We need a place sheltered from the wind and rain to cook, some ambient lighting or a plug nearby to setup a light or two and access water (E.g. A tap in the kitchen or in the garden). The lighting must be provided by the client or the venue.
Ultimately we decide if, in your preferred location it is safe and/or possible for us to cook and we might decide to change location if unsuitable with our needs (E.g. Too windy to cook the paella or too crowded).
We can bring a marquee if necessary for larger catering for an extra $100.

We can setup and cook paellas in terraces and balconies but we charge an extra $200 as the setup process is longer. We might also charge that fee for setting up in location where our vehicle is parked more than 50 metres from the serving location.
If we are using one of our trailers at your event, check with us about the access and the size of the location. Our smaller trailer can access most locations and it can be pushed around by hand.
We don’t go to check the catering location prior the event, however we are very expert in what we do and we can always find a way to make everything fit. If you are concern or have specific requirements about the setup and location we can check the location through Google Map or you can send us some photos.

Here below an example of the space needed for an average size pizza and paella catering.



What happens in case of a Total Fire Ban or adverse weather conditions?

In case of a "Total Fire Ban" (TFB), we can apply for an exemption to use the wood fire pizza oven for catering purposes with the "Department of Fire and Emergency Services". We have the training and the gear necessary to apply, however a lot depends from the suitability of the venue of your choice (Access the water, clear area distance from national and regional parks), keep that in mind when booking events during summer in rural areas. It can be a particularly complicated the situation for catering inside national parks like "Nanga Bush Camp" in summer. The paellas can always be cooked (Unless TFB is rated catastrophic) as we use gas burners. We might be able to arrange gas or electric ovens depending from availability and circumstances. If due to a TFB you can only have the paellas you will be charge for the paellas only, we will make sure it is abundant and everybody will be fed, however we will charge for the full travel fee (if applicable).

In case of adverse weather conditions we can always find a way to make the event happening. Ultimately the paella can be cooked indoor if needed. You won't be charged if the catering does not happen due to unsafe weather however the booking deposit is not refundable but can be used towards a new booking on a suitable future date.


When do I need to pay the balance?

The balance must be paid on the week leading to the event not before. Please do not send any money without asking permission first as we will send it back to you.

Once the deposit is paid you are 100% booked in, and we will contact you on the week leading to the event to confirm the details and arrange the payment.


Do our prices change?

We can guarantee a catering price for up to one year from the date when the booking is made to the date of the event. We can take booking more than a year in advance however the current price at the time of the event will be applied in these bookings.

We don't expect out prices to change a lot from one year to another, however an increase of 5% to 10% might be possible due to inflation and price increase of our suppliers.