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The real taste of Paella on the move!

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Best Paella Catering and best Pizza Catering


If you are ever craving for something that is tasty as well as unique, we are here to help you. Without a doubt, we offer the best paella catering Perth as well pizza catering. Our taste is distinct and will make sure you are tempted enough to want to lick your cutlery (or fingers)! You will remember the taste of our food items for a long time and we guarantee you that you will want to keep coming back. Our professional chefs have years of experience and know how to treat your hunger pangs well. Our recipes are the most authentic ones. Our main secret ingredient that makes our dishes so scrumptious is our love for our precious customers.


Here, at Pella on the Move, we have pledged to provide all our customers quality food. We put great emphasis on hygiene as well as cleanliness since we adore all our valuable customers and wish to keep seeing them healthy.


Be it pizza/ paella wedding catering or some other private catering Perth, our food trucks are available to add a color to your event. We offer live cooking/ baking. Your guests are always welcome to sit by our booth and have a chit-chat with one of our team members while their meal is being prepared. No matter what, we will ensure that your guests have a memorable time at your event. We are just a call away!

Paella on the Move


When we say paella on the move, we are basically referring to our paella food trucks.

Our food trucks can travel throughout the city, serving the best traditional paella pan Perth. Our best paella catering Perth is known for its quality as well as reliability.


Are you wondering what Paella actually is? Paella is actually a Valencian rice dish that originated from Spain. Well, “la paella” is a term used for a cooking pan. That is how the name is said to be derived. However, there is an alternate theory as well. Elders tell a story about how paella was first cooked by a lover for his fiancée. It is said that since ‘para ella’ means “for her” in Spanish, the name of the dish fell from the corruption of these two words combined. Maybe there is a little bit of truth in both of the stories. Even today, it is usually men who prepare paella in Spain, even though most of the cooking is done by women.

Originally, it was usually the food that farmers and laborers ate. While its main ingredient is rice, people used food item they found nearby to add into the dish. This included vegetables such as onions and tomatoes. Beans were used to add a flavor and texture. Apart from that, people occasionally also used to add rabbits, snails or ducks when the dish was to be served on special occasions. Moreover, chicken and a little touch of saffron were add-ons to bring luxury to the entire meal.


However, obviously with time, many modifications have been made to it. Today, paella is a name to over 200 variations of the same initial dish. Here at Paella on the Move, we serve the most authentic Valencian paella to give your taste buds a glimpse of the ancient times.


We guarantee you that our best paella catering Perth, especially our food truck service is the foremost one in town.


If you are looking for traditional paella pan Perth, paella wedding catering or even for private catering Perth, look no further because our services are definitely the best!

Our Pizzas


We not only offer best paella catering Perth but also the best pizzas in the town! Although you might be already aware of what pizzas are, let us give you an insight into the history of pizzas. The word pizza was derived from the Latin word “pinsa,” which means flatbread. This world famous fast food dish originally belongs to Italy but now is served all across the globe.  As we move further away from Italy and start looking at different types of pizzas served at different locations (such as the United States of America), we can observe that they have been greatly modified everywhere. At each different location, people have been using their own local ingredients to give their pizzas a custom taste.

While the original Italian pizza used the fresh mozzarella di buffalo cheese, today, various types of cheese are being used all around the world. However, none of them can replace the authentic taste that mozzarella di buffalo has.


It was only during the Middle Ages that this modern pizza dough was created. This creation mainly belongs the peasants who knew about the dish but lacked all necessary resources and thus, ended up using whatever they could get their hands on. The usage of herbs and olive oils was also started during this time period. It was then the peasants of Naples who started using tomatoes in pizzas, later during the early 19th century. That is how the world of Italian cuisine entered a transformational period.


Another interesting fact regarding pizzas is related to how one of them was named Margherita. In case you did not know, this happened because of Italy's Queen Margherita who visited Pizzeria Brandi in Naples during 1889. That day, the baker baked a special pizza for the queen. It had 3 colors, which represented the Italian flag. While tomatoes were used to represent red, mozzarella cheese showed white and fresh basil was green.

Here at Paella on the Move, we offer pizzas of great taste with various different toppings so that we can considerately facilitate as many customers as possible. Our Pizzaiolos (pizza makers) are professionals who will ensure that you or your guests enjoy your pizza meal to the fullest. Not only pizza catering, but we are also quite well reputed for our best paella catering Perth. You can always reach out to us for more information. As mentioned earlier, we are just a call away.

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